Upcoming Bike Austin Rides

Welcome to the Bike Austin rides page.   IMPORTANT:  To assist you in finding a ride that matches your preferences and abilities, please click here for a full description of the difference between Self-Paced and Hosted rides and/or click here for the detailed Hosted Ride categories. 

Bike Austin rides are open to any adult recreational cyclist and riders of all levels are encouraged to participate.  Rides are on public roads and all riders participate at their own risk; each rider is responsible for his/her own safety. Properly fitted, approved bicycle helmets must be worn by all riders.  Also, please carry identification and full water bottle(s).

Green - Ride will happen as planned
Red - Ride has been cancelled

Some Great Hills - Note Start Time
10/02 (Thu) 7:45am A-4 25 mi

We'll ride about 25 miles in the neighborhoods of Great Hills and Spicewood, with a total ascent of about 2200 feet. There are some substantial grades of up to 20%, so come prepared to climb.

Ride rolls from my home at 7:45 sharp. Be sure to check this post on ride day to confirm status.

Start Location: http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&q=11506+sierra+nevada+7875...
Contact: Harry Thompson, 512-423-5217, bogusboyataustin [dot] rr [dot] com
Ride Map
Berry Springs-weir
10/03 (Fri) 8:00am D-2 26 mi

Join the Easy Riders for 20  to 26 miles through rolling countryside east of Georgetown.  May visit Corn Hill Church or stop for snacks in Weir.  Suitable for beginners, older and social  riders.  Group stays together, or meets up at turnoffs.  Afterwards we will have lunch in Georgetown. 

Directions to start:

From I-35 take exit #265 north of Georgetown.  Turn right as if you were getting on 130 southbound.  Stay on frontage road to stop sign.  This is County Road 152 (no sign), turn left. Berry Springs Park is on the left in about 1 mile.  
Ride leader:  Katy Kappel (512) 589-1498
katykappelatyahoo [dot] com (katykappelatyahoo [dot] com)

Start Location: Berry Springs Park
Contact: Katy kappel, 512-589-1498, katykappelatyahoo [dot] com
Northwest Flatlands (long)
10/04 (Sat) 8:00am B-2 41 mi

This is a fairly gentle 41-mile urban ride that manages to avoid any serious hills in spite of being on the NW side of town. It combines bits of two of our other rides and goes Rosedale > Mesa > Jollyville > Anderson Mill and then back a similar route.  We try and avoid heavily-trafficked roads whenever possible. Quick (optional) store-stop en route. No drop for all "B" riders. Optional coffee/sandwich afterwards at Monkey Nest, Pacha's or Houndstooth.  

Start Location: Rosedale (Gt. Oaks Pkwy.)
Contact: William Hudson, 210-387-7340, williampedalsonatgmail [dot] com
Peddler To Creedmoor- West To East
10/05 (Sun) 8:00am C-2 42 mi

*Note the new start time.*  The ride goes out through downtown and the near west side. We'll take Slaughter Lane and Old Lockhart Highway to Creedmoor. The return will be via McKiney Falls Parkway and pass through the east side. We will be at Barton Springs and Dawson at about 8:30 if any southsiders would like to connect there. Average speed over the ride will be in the C range, but on flat straightaways there may be sustained speeds of 20-25 mph. This is a no drop ride and we will regroup at hills and turns as necessary. Contact joel [dot] morganatsbcglobal [dot] net

Start Location: Peddler Bike Shop
Contact: Peddler Hub, 555-555-5555, peddlerridehubataustincycling [dot] org
Ride Map
Mozart’s To Creedmoor
10/07 (Tue) 8:00am B-2 41 mi
Mozart’s to Creedmoor.  Approx. 42 miles. Ride through south Austin (urban) and out to Creedmoor (rural). One hill (Robert E Lee) & some roads with moderate traffic. Some riders may “hammer” into Creedmoor but we always regroup at the store. Join us afterwards for a coffee at Mozart’s; great venue but limited food menu.    START LOCATION: meet (and park) at the back of the "uphill" parking lot across the street from the Mozart's coffee shop.
Start Location: Mozart’s Coffee, Lake Austin Blvd.
Contact: William Hudson, 210-387-7340, williampedalsonatgmail [dot] com
Andice Loop
10/10 (Fri) 8:00am D-2 24 mi


Join the Easy Riders for a 26 mile ride through the rolling countryside around Andice and Florence.  Suitable for beginners, older and social riders.  There will be a 20 mile option.  We ride together or meet up at turnoffs.  Afterwards we eat lunch together at a nearby restaurant.  Please let the leader know if you are coming so we can watch for  you.  Directions to the start:

Take 183 North past Hwy. 29 until you come to FM 970.  Make a right on FM 970 and drive two miles to the Santa Rosa Catholic Church on the right and park in the church lot. 

Start Location: Santa Rosa Church
Contact: Katy kappel, 512-589-1498, katykappelatyahoo [dot] com
Blue Goose
10/14 (Tue) 8:00am B-2 50 mi

A no-drop, relatively relaxed "B" paced ride. This is a variation of the ACA Cotton Capers ride but modified to avoid heavily trafficked roads in the week. Fairly flat terrain.   Ride start:  Blue Goose @ Amaranth Ln.   Please do not use the start-location store's facilities without making a modest purchase. Optional lunch after the ride at Paco's Tacos.  http://tinyurl.com/brgqg3s 

Start Location: Blue Goose @ Amaranth Ln.
Contact: William Hudson, 210-387-7340, williampedalsonatgmail [dot] com
Bertram- Burnet Loop
10/17 (Fri) 8:00am D-2 26 mi

Join our regular group of Easy Riders in the rolling country around Bertram, through Oatmeal, Burnet and Mohamet.  Suitable for beginners, older riders and those who like to smell the flowers and enjoy each other's company.  We do not ride in bad weather.  Afterwards, we eat together nearby. 
Take 183 north to 29, then west to Bertram.  Turn left at the Exxon station and park along the iron fence of the little city park at Vaughn and Lampasas. 

Please emalil katykappelatyahoo [dot] com if you plan to ride.

Start Location: Bertram
Contact: Katy kappel, 512-589-1498, katykappelatyahoo [dot] com
City Park - Jollyville Loop
10/21 (Tue) 8:00am B-4 40 mi

City Park - Jollyville Loop.   Approx. 40 miles. Ride start: San Fracisco Cafe parking lot, just off Anderson Lane (east of Rockwood Lane). Our best urban ride. A few challenging climbs but we will always regroup at the top of each. The views over the Hill Country and the Downtown from City Park Road make them worthwhile. Some roads with moderate traffic. Join us afterwards for a coffee or a sandwich at the Café.  

Start Location: San Francisco Cafe parking lot
Contact: William Hudson, 210-387-7340, williampedalsonatgmail [dot] com
Southern Walnut Creek To Manor
10/24 (Fri) 8:00am D-2 28 mi

Beginning at Govalle Park in East Austin, we will ride 10 miles on the new paved two lane bike path to Lindell Lane, and then into Manor.  The path is gently uphill but crosses under most major streets.  Turning onto Blue Bluff, we encounter some rolling hills and turn around at a store in old Manor.

The ride start is in the park at at 5200 Bolm Road, just off Airport Blvd. near east 7th Street.   Please let  the ride leader know that you are coming.  After the ride, we will eat together at a nearby restaurant.

Start Location: Govalle Park
Contact: Katy kappel, 512-589-1498, katykappelatyahoo [dot] com
Pflugerville Pflats
10/28 (Tue) 8:00am B-2 48 mi

Join in as we explore the flat farm land east of Pflugerville.  Bring the supplies you need to change a flat, water, snacks, and a spirit of adventure.  Ride is "no drop," but please be prepared to ride 48 or so miles with one store stop.   Email me if you have questions about the ride.  Ride start at the Lake Pflugerville north parking lot ..... see link below. 


Start Location: Lake Pflugerville NORTH Lot (see link).
Contact: William Hudson, 210-387-7340, williampedalsonatgmail [dot] com